Small Businesses have BIG Dreams 

They can also have BIG I.T. Problems

Without in-house staff larger companies enjoy, small and medium-sized businesses can be  left scrambling for answers or find themselves at the mercy of large IT support firms.

This is where GSIT Group comes in!

Learn How To Protect Your Business Assets This Free Quiz Is The First Step To Digital Safeguarding Your Data
We are a small company providing big IT knowledge and support. We offer clients a full menu of IT services for enterprise system environments – multiple operating systems and networks – from design and installation to 24-hour technical support to disaster recovery.
IT Solutions That Make Technology Work For You  
Step 1: Identify 
We take careful steps to identify your assets and possible points of failure.  
Step 2: Create
We develop a roadmap to total protection at the most affordable level
Step 3: Implement
We execute and deliver a high level of security and infrastructure exactly when and how you need it.
Go Virtual Without Scrambling Your Workforce

With today’s business reliance on IT and threats to your operations ranging from hacker-launched viruses to mother nature, no company is immune from disaster.

Yet every company – regardless of size – can rest secure knowing a reliable disaster recovery plan is in place to ensure business will continue.

At GSit Group we will design and implement a disaster recovery system custom-fitted to your business needs…and budget. We also will be there – day or night – if recovery is needed, making sure you are up and running.

Changing How Companies Secure Networks While Saving Them Time And Money
The Old Way Is Dead
Big Servers, Large Software Subscriptions and even more expensive man power to manage and maintain your network and data. All while providing lack luster operational support and overnight response
This Is The Future
Cloud Based Designs, with Hot Swap Infrastructure, Remote Based Monitoring with 24/7 response on Network Violations. You can sleep easier knowing your network is safe and secure.
It's Time You Stop Wasting Money
The Solution Your Need
We only fix what is broken and provide support to keep your legacy equipment running
Virtual Workforce
Our teams monitor your system 24/7 providing you with better service then location dependent network administrator
Refurbished Stock
We have refurbished devices we are able to offer to help you contuse using existing networks and devices until a planned upgrade can happen
Who Is Monitoring Your Network, Right Now? Don't Worry, We Have You Covered!
While business hours may vary, vital IT systems never shut down. GSit Group helps clients sleep well at night knowing the systems and networks necessary to keep their business running are being monitored 24/7.

If there is a problem, we’re on it before your head comes off the pillow.

We design, install and maintain remote monitoring systems that notify both GSit Group and our clients if a problem arises during off hours.

We offer PC-based monitoring of network devices, environmental systems, appliances, workstations, servers, UPS battery backups, etc. If a system or device such as a server has a problem and does not respond on a Friday night, an alert allows us to fully restore the downed server before start of business on Monday.

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